• Recipe: Carrot Cake for Easter

    Posted on by Marc Seis

    Easter is perfect for spending time with the family. Especially Sundays are meant for lunch with your favourite people. But what would Easter be without some cake? We think this carrot cake is divine which is why we are going to share this amazing recipe with you today. Just in time for Easter so that you can make something special for your friends and family.


    For this carrot cake you will need:

    For the dough:

    375g carrots (shredded, the Borner Roko PowerLine is the ideal tool)

    250g flour

    2tsp baking powder

    200g sugar

    1tsp cinnamon powder

    250ml (vegetable) oil

    4 eggs

    200g almonds

    For the frosting:

    300g cream cheese

    100g powdered sugar

    1 sachet vanilla sugar

    1 squeeze lemon juice


    1. Clean and peel the carrots. We recommend using the Borner Combi Peeler. After that, use the Borner Roko PowerLine to create evenly shredded carrot pieces.
    2. Mix together the eggs, the sugar, the oil and the cinnamon. We prefer to do that in the Borner Multimaker which is ideal for mixing ingredients.
    3. Now you can add the carrots and the almonds to your mixture. Add the flour and the baking powder as well. Mix it all together to create an even mixture.
    4. You can fill the mixture into a greased springform tin. Preheat the oven to 180°C on upper and lower heat. The cake needs to be baked for 40 minutes. Depending on your oven the times may vary so check the cake from time to time to make sure it is done.
    5. For the frosting, mix together the cream cheese and the lemon juice. Once this has been done, you can add in the powdered sugar and the vanilla sugar. Mix it all together and your frosting is done. Once the cake has cooled down, spread it evenly on your cake.
    6. If you want, you can also decorate your cake and it’s ready to be eaten.

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  • Recipe: Vegetarian chick-pea curry

    Posted on by Marc Seis

    The leaves are turning slightly brownish, the weather becomes rainy and cold. Winter is slowly coming. The human immune system has to work extra shifts to ward off germs and diseases. With this recipe for a vegetarian chickpea curry you give your body exactly what it now needs.

    Ingredients for 2 people:

    400g carrots 1 onion
    1 piece of fresh ginger (about 2cm) 2 cloves of garlic
    1 can diced tomatoes (400g) 1 can of chickpeas
    100ml water 2 tbsp almond leaves
    1 handful coriander green 2 tablespoons sesame oil
    2 tsp curry powder Salt pepper


    Peel the carrots and onions with your Combi-, 6 in 1- or Inox peeler and then cut the carrots into rough dices and the onion into fine dices. You can reach these cubes with a V5 vegetable slicer by turning the fruit holder along with the vegetables by 90° after each cut. With a V1, V3 or V6 kitchen slicer you have to cut in the vegetables beforehand.

    After that, heat the oil in a cooking pot and simmer the onion cubes. The carrots are then added.

    Peel the fresh ginger and garlic and grate both finely with the Grater PowerLine over the carrots in the cooking pot.

    Then, add the curry powder and salt and pepper to your own taste.

    Next, you can add the tomatoes together with 100ml of water and boil everything briefly. Allow it to simmer over medium heat in the closed pot for about 15 minutes.

    Decant the chickpeas afterwards, then drain them thoroughly, and add to the curry for simmering.

    Finally, the almond flakes are roasted in a dry pan and allowed to cool.

    For the garnishing, the almond flakes, as well as roughly chopped coriander, are sprinkled over the curry.

    We wish you bon appétit!

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  • Eating healthy on vacation

    Posted on by Andrea Coder

    Looking out of the window, the weather is quite dreary and the thought of escape is quite apparent. Often we find ourselves fleeting the country in pursuit of some sun rays especially as the upcoming months promise short days and dark nights. One thing to remember though is that once you have arrived in your sunny destination is that eating healthily is key, even when everything seems like a temptation. Of course we treat ourselves by going on vacation and you should not deny yourselves the foods that you find, especially if you are surrounded by a totally different culture. But moderation is key when making your choices. Therefore remember your regular eating pattern so you do not have to stray too far from what you are used to. In order to assure exactly that, read on to learn more about our most effective ways of eating healthily whilst on vacation without restraining yourself too much.

    Allow yourself to cheat.

    As already mentioned, holidays are a time for treating yourself and ensuring that you still make yourself feel valuable. This can often be done by allowing yourself to indulge in some foods. One thing to take into consideration is whether to splurge on a bag of crisps or to eat that dessert in the restaurant.  Try to make clever choices about your snacks so that your body feels the sugar but you do not feel the need to consume something incredibly sugar-y. Often this can be done by reaching for a healthy alternative which is why it would be handy to keep a healthy snack on hand to quench your desire.

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  • Homemade Healthy Snack - Gummy Bears

    Posted on by Andrea Coder

    We cannot deny it- sweets are a necessity. When you have been working long hours or when you are watching television, sometimes it is just helpful to have some snacks at hand. Of course grabbing a back of crisps or gummy bears is always easier but have you ever thought about making your own snacks? That way you not only know what is inside of them but you also have control over the taste and ultimately choose a healthier alternative. And besides – these gummy bears are not even that hard to make.

    Depending on your diet or preferences, you need to decide on a thickening agent. Vegetarians and vegans might not find gelatin suitable. But fear not as Agar is a good and flavourless alternative. Once that decision has been made, you can choose the flavor for your gummy candy. For our recipe, we are using fruit juice that you can make yourself. Whether it comes from oranges, cranberries, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, lemons, peaches, cherries, nectarines… You name it and it probably can be transformed into juice. One step we suggest, but which is optional depending on your taste and liking, is to add some sweetener. This can be done by adding a small amount of honey, agave syrup or some artificial sweetener. Once all this has been done, you only need to add your mixture into silicone molds which allow it to set.


    To make your gummy candy, you will need:

    • 240ml fruit juice of your choice
    • 2 tablespoons agar powder OR 3 tablespoons of unflavoured gelatin
    • 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
    • 1-2 tablespoons sweetener like honey, cane sugar, agave nectar, sugar OR artificial sweetener
    • Borner juice press (HERE)
    • pot
    • Whisk
    • Gummy bear mold OR baking dish greased with coconut oil if you don’t have a silicone mold
    • Airtight container

    Step 1:

    Take your Borner juicer and your preferred fruit to press about 240ml of juice. You can always combine several juices together to create something special.

    Step 2:

    In pot, combine juices and sweetener. Stir it together over medium-low heat. Let it sit for a few minutes before you can turn on the heat.

    Step 3:

    Gradually add in your thickening agent (agar or gelatin) over medium-low heat. Remember to stir constantly to avoid lumps.

    Step 4:

    Continue stirring to ensure everything is combined and the gelatin is melted completely. Let mixture simmer and it should start to thicken.

    Step 5:

    Carefully pour liquid into your molds.

    Step 6:

    Place your molds in the freezer for at least 25 minutes. Once they have been cooled completely, you can take them out of the molds. Store them in an airtight container so your gummy bears can be enjoyed for about 2 weeks- if they last that long that is ;) 

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  • Staying Fit in the Office

    Posted on by Marc Seis

    We all know it and we probably also struggle with it. Being in a job that ties you to your desk, you often do not get enough exercise. But putting in some little work outs here and there to stay active, does not have to be difficult. So today we are providing you with some tips to use your time in the office as efficiently as possible.

    One very important factor is to be as mobile as possible. Much of our time is actually spend sat at the desk, but we can use our lunch breaks to keep moving. Therefore next time you clock yourself out for your break, you might actually find yourself going for a walk. Whether that is for 5 minutes or the entirety of your break, it is good to get some clean fresh air and take a breather. Who knows, maybe afterwards you even feel more inspired especially after your head has been cleared. If you cannot get out during your lunch break, you can always go for a quick walk around the office. The simplest and probably most efficient way of doing that is talking to your colleagues face-to-face if you have a question. That way you actually have to make the effort and join them at their desk. You can also use stairs instead of an elevator. It is simple things like that that ensure you fit a decent amount of activity into your work life and it will not even feel like you are actually doing much. 

    And it is not just enough activity that is of importance. We should never neglect the power of water. Therefore we have to make sure that we drink enough of it. Often it is said that around 8 to 10 glasses of water are good for your body, your mind and also your skin. So make sure to keep a bottle of water around and you will probably not have a problem to stay hydrated. A common misconception in society is that if you skip breakfast, you will lose weight. Unfortunately it is not that easy though as the body needs the energy that comes with our breakfast consumption. So instead, do not skip breakfast but rather eat something to boost your metabolism. It also ensures that your craving for something fatty will not come up during lunch break.

    These are just a few tips to stay active and fit at your work place but they are so simple to integrate. Besides they also don’t make a lot of effort so maybe try to incorporate one or two into your daily rhythm. Surely it will make you feel better quite quickly.

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