A Beginner’s Guide to Easy Food Prep

Posted on by Marc Seis

Leading a healthy lifestyle when you pursue a busy job? This might sound like a problem for many as you do not always have the time to cook regularly and therefore many people continue eating take-away food or canned goods that might not provide you with the nutrients that you need in order to perform your best at work, at school, etc.

One way to ensure you are taking your vitamins and enjoy a healthy diet is to food prep. This is a method that has been making the rounds for quite some time and has been proven to be quite effective for many. But choosing healthy foods is not always easy, especially when people lead a busy and stressful life. Meal prepping means you save time in the process of making food and ultimately you will also be making healthier choices about what you eat – basically it is a win-win situation.

It is important to start out easy as new things always take some getting used to. So do not take on too many new things and just prep one or two recipes when you are first starting out. Once you are used to it all, you can try to incorporate more recipes into your routine. It is also very important to stick to what you know. The question you always have to ask yourself when prepping your food is “How can I make it easier for myself to eat as healthy as possible during the week?”. If you can provide an answer for yourself, it will probably be easier to stay focused.

Now to get you started on prepping your food, it would be ideal to pick a day so you know when to prepare your meals. This depends on your own preferences. Just be sure not to prepare too much at first as you are still getting used to it all. A calendar might also be of great help as you can scribble everything down and you know exactly what you are going to cook and when. So therefore you also need to pick the food you want to eat throughout the week. Often it is easiest to choose recipes you know and love. Once you have gotten used to it all, you could try to incorporate new dishes. And lastly make sure to use good storage. When choosing your container, also make sure to use ones that have dividers. That way your food will not contaminate each other whilst also ensuring that it remains fresh. Personally, I would recommend using a container that is BPA free as these are safe and they are also microwaveable which is a huge plus for heating up your food.

The world of food prep might seem dawning but if it helps you to save time and make sure you’re eating healthily, it might actually be worth it. So give it a try and you might find yourself loving it.