Change your life!

Posted on by Marc Seis

“It’s time to change my life…”

You’ve probably uttered the words yourself and had the desire to change your life. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a new year or a new season to set that decision into motion. Often people deal with life-changing situations that make them reevaluate their life. But if not done with enough conviction, people often don’t fully commit to their resolution.

What a healthy lifestyle is depends purely on your own view – for you it might be to give up smoking, to go to the gym more regularly or often people also decide to switch up their diet in order to lead a healthier lifestyle. What this often means is to eat in a more balanced way but also to have a positive outlook on life as your attitudes shape your behaviour.

We as people all have different beliefs that shape our attitudes as well as actions. So in order to kick start your new healthy life, you actually have to ask yourself – “What is my goal? What am I trying to achieve here?”. Once you have worked out your goals, you can figure out which actions you need to take to achieve your goals. One important factor to keep in mind though is how your attitudes and beliefs shape your actions. These should ideally always be in concordance with your end result. And this is one of the reasons why people do not attain their goal. So it is important to pursue your goals with conviction- be consistent and always keep them in mind to achieve them.

Here at Borner, we feel passionately about everything health-related and support a healthy lifestyle with all its aspects. This is why you can rest assured that this blog will provide you with a good mixture of tips on how to stay active, recipes for healthy dishes or simple information on how to let go of your bad habits. Our blog will be a source for nutrition, exercise and stress relief. We want to be your aid in achieving that desired lifestyle and support you as you “change your life” so be sure to come back for more!