Borner V5 PowerLine Basic Set

Borner V5 PowerLine Basic Set

Borner UK


The Borner V5 PowerLine vegetable slicer is the ideal tool for a quick, precise and safe preparation of healthy fruit and vegetables. The slice insert is adjustable in height and therefore makes it easy to achieve even and uniform slices of different fruit and vegetable varieties in four different thicknesses - ranging from extra thin to extra rough. Adjustments have made it possible to process softer fruits such as tomatoes as well now. Imagination knows no limits, just give new ideas a try.

The included safety food holder protects your fingers from the sharp Borner blades and allows you to process your fruits and vegetables with leaving minimal waste. The inner bars hold the fruit when slicing and grating.

After using, simply clean under running water and keep handy for the next use in the kitchen. All dyes used in Börner's products are food-safe, and the plastics are BPA-free.

Create healthy meals that are also a delight for the eyes! The set includes the Börner V5 PowerLine slicer, blade insert and the food safety holder. Additional inserts and the insert box are available for purchase separately. If other cutting options are desired, please click through the V5 PowerLine on the left. There you will find options to expand your basic set.

Product contains:

  • Borner V5 PowerLine V-Slicer 
  • Slice insert
  • Food holder

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