Borner Roko PowerLine

Borner Roko PowerLine

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The Borner Roko PowerLine Julienne Slicer enables you to cut fruit and vegetables into fine, uniform "Julienne strips". The Roko Slicer cuts carrots, celery, turnips, cabbage, parsnips, and much more. Even hard cheese or chocolate can be grated into beautiful strips. Your food will be perfect to be used in wok or risotto dishes, especially if cut into brunoise cubes. Julienne vegetables such as sliced carrots or onions are easily prepared with this slicer. You can process large quantities in a very short time due to the two rows of polished blades.

To clean, simply hold briefly under running water.

Food Safety Holder not included but can be purchased separately.

Fast, safe, and healthy!

Product specifications:
- Durable, sturdy construction
- Easy and efficient to use

Available in red, orange, green, white and purple

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