Borner V1 ClassicLine Starter Set

Borner V1 ClassicLine Starter Set

Borner UK


Our V1 ClassicLine Starter set makes cutting your fruit and vegetables simple, fast and healthy. Prepare nutritious meals in no time with this practical kitchen mandoline slicer. The slice insert and the backside of the safety insert give you a choice of 3 different slice thicknesses. Use the 3,5mm and 7mm blade inserts to cut strips and sticks with ease and as well as cubes by cutting into the fruit with a knife beforehand. Delicious and healthy casserole dishes, salads, pan dishes and so much more will be a piece of cake with the vegetable slicer and your family will love them. 

Always use the included food holder. It is compatible with all Borner v slicers and graters and protects your fingers from the extremely sharp Borner blades. The inner bars hold the material when slicing and grating. Process your fruit and vegetables such as apples, cucumbers or onions with leaving little waste. 

Not compatible with the Borner Multiplate. We recommend the V5 PowerLine slicer if you would like to use the practical Multiplate. Only this fruit and vegetable slicer and the graters in the PowerLine series fit perfectly onto the mounting plate of the Borner Multimaker. 

This set comes with: Borner V1 Classic Line Slicer, Safety insert, slice insert, 3,5mm blade insert, 7mm blade insert and food holder 

Available in the colors: Orange, Red and White 

All dyes used in Borner's products are food-safe, and the plastics are BPA-free and contain no softening agents. 

Product contains:

  • Borner V1 ClassicLine V-Slicer 
  • Safety insert
  • Slice insert
  • 3,5mm blade insert
  • 7mm blade insert
  • Food holder

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