Insert box for Borner V5 PowerLine

Insert box for Borner V5 PowerLine

Borner UK


The Borner insert box is the ideal accessory to complement the Borner V-slicer PowerLine. Perfect for the safe storage of 3,5mm and 7mm blade inserts. The box can be attached to two different parts of the slicer: on top to make it a compact set for secure storage in the drawer or on the bottom as a base to position the complete V-slicer (including all inserts and the safety food holder) in a decorative way in the kitchen.

Boxes can be combined to ensure that the slice insert or the 10mm blade insert, which is available separately, are stored safely. The insert box contains an opening to drip off fluids. For storage, attach the safety food holder to the insert box.

Product information:

- insert box as original Borner-accessory part
- safe storage of inserts integrated drip off function
- easy handling und cleaning

Available in orange, green, red, white and purple.

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