Borner Chipsmaker 2-piece set

Borner Chipsmaker 2-piece set

Borner UK

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Ever wondered how to make delicious, homemade crisps that are completely fat-free? This is now possible with the Borner Chipsmaker. Our Chipsmaker creates microwave crisps in just a matter of minutes. Make crispy potato crisps or healthy vegetable crisps without adding fat or any unhealthy additives. How to make your own crisps has never been easier. And the best part? You can make a variety of vegetable crisps as well as crispy sweet potato fries. The options are endless and the healthy homemade chips provide a good alternative.

Simply rinse and peel your potatoes or other vegetables such as carrots, sweet potatoes, parsnips or beet root to create vegetable crisps. Cut them into slices afterwards by using your Borner slicer using the thinnest setting and place them onto the chipsmaker. Make sure that the pieces do not overlap – that way your homemade baked crisps will turn out really crispy. Season them with spices and herbs of our choice and place them in the microwave to create fat-free crisps. To clean, simply put the chipsmaker into the dishwasher.

The chipsmaker is available individually, or as a 2- or 3-piece set. This enables you to prepare either a small, in-between-meal snack or a larger amount of crisps for larger gatherings. Our tip: Keep your crisps fresh for longer by storing them in the Borner Multimaker with vacuum lid. 

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