Borner Wave-Waffle XXL Cutter PowerLine

Borner Wave-Waffle XXL Cutter PowerLine

Borner UK


Mega-waves and mega waffles – the original Borner XXL wave-/waffle cutter makes it possible. It allows you to cut extra thick waves and waffles from sturdy fruit and vegetables – ideal for making fried XXL potato waffles, either as a side dish or as a snack for dipping. The XXL design gives you a variety of choices when it comes to preparing your meals. Kids that usually do not eat fruit or vegetables will be excited about the unusual side dishes in a wave or waffle cut. This cutter is also ideal to make waffle fries should you ever grow tired of regular slices. Crinkle cuts and waffles make eating potatoes and vegetables more fun. Can also be used to create sweet potato waffle fries or to cut your cucumbers in a decorative way. We recommend the use of our original Borner safety food holder that is available as an accessory for our complete line of products.

After using, simply clean under running water.

Product specification:

  • new Borner design in five colors 
  • robust grater for XXL-waves/waffle cut 
  • original Borner blades 
  • easy and efficient to use

Available in red, orange, green, white and purple

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