Multi Slicer

Multi Slicer

Borner UK


What would the kitchen be without a vegetable slicer?

We think a handy vegetable cutter should be found in every kitchen, big or small. We have developed a space-saving solution - get to know the Multi Slicer. This handle is particularly handy and has a slicing attachment that is interchangable.

So you can use the attachments of our Multi Peelers or cut with the help of the Multi Slicer which makes it able to cut thick or thin slices. Sounds practical? That is because is it.

We promise you that you will be provided with the best stainless steel blade, which will not even stop at hard vegetables.

The compact Multi Slicer is a real all-rounder, not only small enough to fit in the kitchen drawer but also able to cut large amounts of fruit and vegetables in a short amount of time. Salads, casseroles or soups are no longer a problem for you. The preparation time for delicious food is reduced and the joy of cooking is revived.

Our vegetavle cutter knows to inspire because sometimes it is the small pleasures in life. Convince yourself of our quality and opt for this compact slicer now. Thanks to the included fruit holder, you can also protect your fringers from the sharp knives.

So go ahead and slice.

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